Taste our delicious salads
and ready-made dishes

Raw salads
Avocado salad
Baby spinach salad
Beetroot-apple salad
Broccoli salad with almond
Arugula salad
Carrot salad with honey

Hungarian potato salad

Grain salad
Bulgur salad with mint
Buckwheat salad with tomato
Millet salad with vegetables

Salads with soy mayonnaise

Carrot salad

Eggplant salad
Sweetcorn salad
Vegan Tzatziki
Vegan Waldorf salad

Vegan Caesar salad

Ready-made dishes without wheat
Millet balls

Rice balls
Fried vegetable pakora

Ready-made dishes with wheat
Wheat balls
Spelt balls

Battered seitan

Battered vegetables

Vegetable pancake roll
Cottage cheese pancake roll

Indian style Samosa
Vegetable pie